Abusive Relationships

When ever people are involved in an abusive relationship, they have a tendency to blame the aggressor. However, both parties are responsible for their overall interaction. I know, it sounds weird but let me further explain myself. In order for a person to continuously mistreat or abuse another one, the victim must be permitting it.

If you observe this situation closely when a person truly loves, respects and has total self confidence, they will not tolerate any kind of disrespect from others. They may deal with it once or twice but will move on if they see a pattern.
Why do confident people move on?

• They understand that true love helps you grow and prosper. Rather than, hold you back.
• Real love gives you all their support while, controlling people will give you a cold shoulder.
• A person that loves you will listen to your needs and try to work things out. Instead of disregarding you’re every single need.
• They will understand that you are your own person, not an extension of them selves.
• They will not only love you but they will also give you all the respect that you deserve.
• They will never intentionally belittle or ridicule you. Instead they will always find a way to uplift you.

So, if you currently in a relationship where your partner is either emotionally of physically abusive get out now. Seek out professional help and the help of your love ones. Their support will help you boost your confidence level but, most importantly regain control of your life.

Author: Kenia Morales