Anti-stress techniques. Can you beat the stress?

According to Tibetan medicine, the whole world consists of three types of energy: “bile”, “phlegm” and “wind”. An imbalance of the latter element leads to the stress development. Lack of sleep, agitation, anxiety, excess of sensory events (too much music, video, communication) – all this strengthens the “wind”. The following simple anti-stress techniques can help you to calm down.

Use spices.

Nutmeg. With its warm and oily nature, which calms the “wind” it is the anti-stress spice number one. Along with cinnamon it is often used in coffee shops. Nutmeg perfectly complements various kinds of tea, as well as desserts and main dishes. But too much of a good thing is good for nothing: you should not use more than a teaspoon of nutmeg a day.

Cumin (zeera). Cumin has calming anti-stress effect and also improves your digestion. Drink cumin tea: pour boiling water into the cup with half a teaspoon of cumin and let it draw for a few minutes. Unusual bright taste and feeling of lightness after eating are guarantied.

Green cardamom. This spice not only helps to balance the “wind”, but also reduces swelling and normalizes the functioning of kidneys.

Do some anti-stress self-massage before going to bed

Rub the warm sesame or olive oil clockwise in seven points, which are called the “seven gates of wind” in Tibetan medicine. These are: the center of palms and feet, in the middle of chest and its mirror point on the back, as well as the top point on the head. Do this anti-stress massage anytime after a hard day or when you feel nervous. This will help you to fall asleep and make your sleep calm, deep and truly restoring.

Three-minute anti-stress meditation

This anti-stress exercise reduces a stress and clears the consciousness. It can be done anywhere, anytime.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, feel the cool air that you inhale and warm air that you exhale. You will feel like your breath gradually becomes slower and deeper.

If thoughts come to your head – do not follow them and they will leave. Shifting attention to your inner world increases the level of concentration and distract from routine. Meditation helps to get back to yourself and your life goals.

Learn the basics of stone massage

Tibetan stone massage performed by professional therapists promotes deep relaxation. However, you may try the anti-stress effect of hot stones at home. You may buy pebbles at the spa supply store or bring them from the seaside. Heat the stones in a water bath and wrap each with a thin towel, folded several times. Put them on the sacrum. If there is someone to help you, it’s good to place the stones in the center of each foot. Relax for 20-30 minutes, unwrapping the towel layer-by-layer till the stones begin to cool.

Drink herbal teas and strong spirits (moderate use)

Due to the high levels of tannins a cup of strong green tea increases the “wind” even more stronger than black tea and coffee. It is better to replace these drinks with anti-stress chamomile tea, warm milk with honey and cinnamon, warm water and also orange, carrot or grape pulpy juice. As for the alcohol consumption, it is better to use small amounts of strong alcohol or mulled wine instead of low-alcohol drinks.

 “Warm up” your menu

Anti-stress meal should be warm and oily. Dry and cold food won’t fit. Raw food diet, fasting and vegetarianism also increase the “wind”. Even cooked fruits are better. For example, apples and pears can be baked, and bananas can be roasted.