Anxiety and stress… Are they that unavoidable? Maybe not?

Anxiety and stress – they have always been present in our life. But nowadays stress is one of the major problems, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fight with because of its persistence.

Women, who are trying to do everything in time and on their own, are more prone to anxiety and stress. Apart from work, where the stressful situations occur very often, there are also household duties, children education and related issues, relationships with parents and partner, and so on.

A state of chronic stress occurs especially in those women, who want to climb corporate ladder in spite of the drawbacks. They are willing to sacrifice their own peace of mind to succeed. This is a great danger to the female psyche and, in most cases, one cannot achieve success being in a constant anxiety and stress condition, as the psychologists say.

In case of the severe long-term nervous tension, it is often hard or even no longer possible to recover previous balanced state of mind (unless you do engage in very serious work with yourself). The external effect of stressors leads to nervous breakdowns, causing memory impairment, irritability, groundless anxiety, excessive tension and performance degradation.

If the external effect is not eliminated, then come more changes in psyche, including weakness, sweating, sudden changes in blood pressure, frequent headaches and subsequently dark under-eyes circles. The disturbed sleep, decreased (or increased) appetite, and feeling of lost self-control can also occur.

Then the energy of the human body comes to an end, and the nervous exhaustion appears. If you take no action and keep refusing these symptoms, it can result in serious neurological disorders. You don’t have to immediately seek the medical help. You can try to cope with these problems on your own first.

It sounds paradoxical, but having analyzed the events or situations that led to anxiety and stress it is possible to find a positive side of things. For example, bad marks in mathematics of your child may point at his talents in writing or painting.

During lunch breaks, instead of eating at the workplace, it may be more beneficial to walk in the park and take some food with you there. In a high pressure of life we ​​need to find some time to rest.

You have to find time for yourself, do some aerobics, visit beauty salon or find a new hobby. Meeting with friends or spending time with your family also have beneficial effect on relaxation of the nervous system and contribute to the stress reduction. Do not forget to “turn off” problems at work or unresolved issues in your mind when you are off work. That means, do not bring your work and all related problems back home – you have enough of it in the office!

Auto-suggestions, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation – are only a small part of techniques, which can help to solve your anxiety / stress problems. Most important is your self-awareness, and your firm desire to change your own attitude to the life’s problems, and get rid of constant stress and achieve your goals.

You can use herbal medicine / supplements for treatment of anxiety and stress. Plant-based supplements are effective in supporting your body: the restoration of sleep and biorhythms, prevention of hysteria, improving of your stress resistance, normalization of excitation and inhibition processes of the nervous system, etc.

Can you completely get rid of anxiety and stress?