Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse. How to stop being a victim.

When people talk about the domestic violence, as a rule, it involves some form of physical violence such as battering. And there is only one way for the victim – to run away as far as possible. But psychological abuse…

Emotional abuse in children

Emotional abuse in children. Hope for survivors.

The problem of emotional abuse in children is rarely discussed unlike other types of abuse, despite the serious effects on children’s development. Emotional abuse appears in the form of verbal abuse and the injurious actions aimed against the child. There…

Domestic violence

Domestic violence – there is hope for victims!

If you ask what should be considered a “domestic violence”, society in general and experts often disagree: while majority of people usually see only a physical effect, i.e. battering, the experts provide illustrative examples of psychological pressure on a woman…

Leaving an abusive relationship

Leaving an abusive relationship – it can be done!

When leaving an abusive relationship is very easy to fall into hands of even more ferocious monsters. For clarity, we consider only those “abusive relationship” in which the victim remains relatively free to leave. There are more complex situations where…

Verbally abusive husband

Verbally abusive husband – any chance to change him?

What should I do if I have a verbally abusive husband? If the passion in your relationships has faded long ago replaced by abuse and humiliation (and even beating) – does it really make sense to be tied to such…

Causes of domestic violence

Causes of domestic violence – be aware!

Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted theory that describes causes of domestic violence. Opinions of many psychologists and sociologists still vary, despite the fact that there have been many studies pursued. One of the assumptions about causes of domestic violence…

What is emotional abuse

What is emotional abuse? Be aware!

Physical violence in the family is a topic that is widely discussed, while the emotional abuse does not cause such a public outcry. Meanwhile, emotional abuse and violence is no less, and sometimes more dangerous than physical violence. Abusive husband…

emotional trauma

Emotional trauma and women. What can be done?

Increasingly, modern women face problems of privacy and wonder about the origin of their problems and difficulties. These women complain that these privacy problems do not allow for lasting and close relationship with men and, in general, with other people….

abusive husband

Abusive husband or a Boss in a family?

Emotional abuse is quite common and we often hear complaints from women that their husbands are tyrants and abusers. Living with an abusive husband is not a fairy tale, not even to mention the fact that it can be simply…

How to stop emotional abuse

How to stop emotional abuse

Breaking relationship is always painful. Leaving your abuser is not easy too. But relationship that are cruel and filled with a fear, resentment and irritation is much more difficult to break than those that simply have cooled over years, going…