Abusive husband, what to do?

Abusive husband, what to do?

When we are getting married, each of us thinks that her choice will be the most reliable defender and supplier for the family, as well as a great father for children, and loving partner with whom we will live a…

healing from emotional abuse

Healing from emotional abuse is possible!

Emotional abuse – neglect, criticism, mockery, inattention, rejection – is present in of many families, and some people even consider it as helpful and loving behavior, which of course is wrong. The base, or a cause of emotional abuse, is…

domestic violence against women

Domestic violence against women. Be aware!

Domestic violence mainly affects women. Cases of violence of women against men are more rare, and specific information about them is difficult to obtain. Men resort to violence in an attempt to exert pressure and demonstrate their power over women….

cycle of domestic violence

Cycle of domestic violence. Break free!

Domestic violence is a cycle repeated with increasing frequency: physical, verbal, spiritual and economic abuse in order to subject a victim to control, intimidation, and fear. This is a situation in which one person controls, or is trying to control…

why do women stay in abusive relationships and how to escape from abusive husband

Why do women stay in abusive relationships and how to escape from abusive husband?

In truth, for an experienced eye, traits of the future abusive husband can be seen in advance, long before the long-awaited wedding takes place. In order to understand that you are dealing with a psychological abuser, it is enough at…

facts about emotional abuse

Facts about emotional abuse. Be aware!

We believe that people neet to know facts about emotional abuse and domestic violence. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths, and some are quite destructive. In today’s society there is an ambiguous attitude towards domestic violence and its understanding. When there is a…

signs of emotional abuse in relationships

Signs of emotional abuse in relationships

Emotional abuse can manifest itself in the relations of the spouses (or partners) from both male and female side. It is very important at proper time to understand that your partner is behaving improperly toward you, this will help you prevent further…