Anxiety help

Anxiety help. Learn what can be done.

Anxiety, irrational fear, palpitations, poor sleep – these are the main symptoms of the disease, which is quite widespread today – the anxiety disorder. Typically, people with anxiety disorder at first avoid seeing a psychiatrist. “Am I crazy?” – they…

How to treat anxiety

How to treat anxiety? Is there any hope?

In order to figure out how to treat anxiety, we have first to figure out what the anxiety is. Generalized anxiety disorder  is a very unpleasant thing. People with increased levels of anxiety cannot work and live a normal life,…

Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms. Are you affected?

Anyone at least once in their life has faced with anxiety and is familiar with anxiety symptoms from their personal experience, or saw how suffered their friends or relatives. And it is not surprising, – according to the specialists’ research,…

Managing panic attacks

Managing panic attacks. How it can be done?

Managing panic attacks is mainly done with medications and psychophysiological methods of treatment. Drug therapy is used to stop the existing anxiety and gain control over the recurrent panic attacks. Psychotherapeutic methods very often are essential in the managing panic attacks. Psychotherapy…

Anxiety relief

Anxiety relief. You can do it!

Sometimes the feeling of anxiety becomes completely unreasonable, which ties our hands. Fear or other strong emotions make people jump to conclusions. Anxious people tend to worry about the most insignificant and see nothing but the horror and disaster around…

What happens when you have a panic attack

What happens when you have a panic attack?

Would you like to know what happens when you have a panic attack? Today, there are many theories, which explain what happens during a panick attack and how does the panic disorder develop. Panic attacks affect both physiological and social aspects….

What is a panic attack

What is a panic attack?

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is an inexplicable and painful  seizure, which is accompanied by a fear or anxiety in combination with different vegetative (somatic) symptoms. Panic attack is characterized by the attacks of fear and / or…

Symptoms of anxiety

Symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety arouses when people expect that something dangerous may happen to their family or themselves. And what exactly can happen in a state of anxiety is not entirely clear. If you can point out what is the reason of your…

Relaxation techniques for panic attacks

Relaxation techniques for panic attacks

It has been well established scientifically, that relaxation techniques help to overcome panic attacks. In order to cope with the growing anxiety one can use the correct and rapid technique for muscle relaxation, normalization of breathing and ability to switch one’s…

How to deal with a panic attack

How to deal with a panic attack?

How to deal with a panic attack? Well, there is no “magic pill” which could be used as a first aid for a panic attacks. In order to reduce the symptoms of panic attack, special psychological techniques are used. The…