Causes of domestic violence – be aware!

Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted theory that describes causes of domestic violence. Opinions of many psychologists and sociologists still vary, despite the fact that there have been many studies pursued.

One of the assumptions about causes of domestic violence is a theory of mentally defective aggressors. It implies that only mentally ill men can batter their wives. This statement was considered scientifically valid for quite a long time, but at some point the theory became doubtful. After extensive both psychological and psychiatric research, it became clear that most of the aggressors are absolutely mentally healthy people, good members of society and most of them are considered completely normal.

It looks that causes of domestic violence are entirely different. Taking into account the existence of acts of the domestic violence on the part of both partners, we can try to list some typical causes of domestic violence.

Causes of domestic violence typically include:

  • Innate desire for power and control of a partner.
  • Copying model of relations in the family of abuser, as well as a stress resulting from unfavorable conditions in the childhood. Hence, the ensuing consequences of personality disorders both in the aggressor and the victim.
  • Low cultural behavior (vulgar language, disrespect for the girl / woman as to a sexual object), lack of understanding of the partner’s needs for care, support and attention. All this, in consequence, inevitably leads to conflicts in the family life and, therefore, to a violence.
  • Alcoholism or drug addiction of the family members, when a person, being under the influence of certain substances, can hardly act adequately in any conflict situation.
  • Worsened economic situation, which leads to additional stress in the family, and complicates the process of breaking the relationship, if further cohabitation becomes unbearable.
  • It is no longer a secret that some stereotypes (about the place of a woman in society) can also affect the formation of family relationships.
  • According to the beliefs of some religious sects, a married woman should be subjected to the domestic violence, regardless of what is happening. So are requirements of their religion.
  • There are also some modern trends, such as the changing of family roles, due to the ability of women to build a career, that is (as is commonly believed in our society) to be engaged in “male professions”. It is alleged, that this state of affairs permits a man to be “less strong” and therefore more vulnerable and sensitive to the world around him, which painfully affects his self-esteem.

This is a list of social and psychological preconditions which are believed to be the causes of domestic violence and represents the most common situations, but does not cover all possible options. In any case, it should be understood that in case of the domestic violence no one is immune, so be aware of this, always respect yourself and your partner, and in the event of a precedent – never be bullied into silence and always seek professional help.