Dealing with panic attacks. How to say good-bye to anxiety.

Quite often it takes time to overcome the panic disorder, even when using a therapy. Gradually, week after week, panic attacks become less frequent and severe. But the main thing is that they can be well controllable. For this reason, it is necessary to know ways of dealing with panic attacks.

The biggest suffering due to such disorder is to go through yet another attack of panic. Everyone, who has faced the similar disorder should know, that no matter how terrible the manifestations of “adrenaline explosion” may seem – they always go away, it’s just a matter of time. One can agree, that even the fact of knowing, that panic attack – is just a “wave”, that soon will roll back, can help a person to control his condition.

The most effective practical approach to dealing with panic attacks is a breath control. This technique allows to adjust to the hyperventilation due to the self-induced hypercapnia (increased level of carbon dioxide in blood) – and break the vicious circle of panic and vegetative crisis. The principle is simple: you must slow down your breathing. It is desirable to decrease the breathing rate to 5-6 breath per minute. Usually on the session, the therapist teaches how to breathe the right way, and, when the panic attack occurs again, due to the stress or by itself, you will not feel confused anymore. Just try to cope and overcome the attack.

If you manage to notice the initial manifestations of the panic attack, such as chest discomfort and palpitations, start a simple exercise. Take a deep breath, and after a short pause – start to exhale gradually and slowly. It is better to put the hands together on the stomach in order to feel the amplitude of breaths better. You should close your eyes, try to relax your muscles and watch your breath. It’s easier to count the seconds from 1 to 10, while trying to fully exhale up to the last seconds only. Then you can take a normal inhale-exhale, and immediately repeat everything from the beginning. After few breaths your body becomes even more relaxed, and panic attack comes to an end. Usually, it is recommended to repeat this about 3-5 times in a row. After a short break in a few simple exhalations – all you need is to repeat everything about 5 times, it is very effective and the panic attack quickly weakens and ends. At the end of each exhalation you try to relax your muscles, paying attention to the tension in your body.

In case of the self-education, or when there is really no possibility to work with a therapist (usually learning ways of dealing with panic attacks takes several meetings), it is useful to find the detailed guide for self-help, where in a plain language all aspects of the panic attack and related symptoms like an obsessive fear, growing at the unconscious anticipation of the attack, are covered, as well as advices and exercises for dealing with panic attacks and anxiety control. It is also useful to learn about neurosis, associated with the autonomic dysfunction and symptoms of the panic disorder.

The goal of the therapy for the panic disorder has to be the complete remission, i.e. the complete absence of panic attacks, and fundamentally new level of the psychological status. You need to set a goal to go through a difficult episode in your life and achieve this new freedom. It is unreasonable to doubt in your abilities, – the panic disorder is completely curable. Modern medicine has a very good knowledge of panic attacks; they are well studied and respond to the treatment with good results.