Domestic violence against women. Be aware!

Domestic violence mainly affects women. Cases of violence of women against men are more rare, and specific information about them is difficult to obtain. Men resort to violence in an attempt to exert pressure and demonstrate their power over women.

Physical violence is the most common form of domestic violence against women. Assault and battery, rape and things like that are terrible and unacceptable for family relationships. The very existence of domestic violence against women damages a society as a whole, not just women suffering from actions of abusive husbands. If a man allows himself to raise his hand on a woman, it means there is something wrong with a society, which supposedly announced emancipation of women. Aggressive behavior of men who beat their wives is one of the reasons of improper upbringing of children in a family. Children see scenes of violence at home, where their fathers repeatedly beat and humiliate their mothers, and learn to take it for granted, without any condemnation. Late these children become adults, and they believe that a woman must obey male superiority, so they become abusers themselves.

Sometimes women are forced to accept the fact of beating by men as a norm, as if they are guilty and are the causes of male aggression. Some hope that it was a last time, and he will finish doing that and change for better. The situation may especially be complicated if the couple have children. These women are characterized by low self-esteem and feeling of hopelessness of the situation.

Everyone has a right to be angry, but no one has any right to mistreat others. The most effective solution to the problem of beatings or other acts of abuse is a divorce from the abusive relationship. The man who raised his hand to a woman, will never correct his faulty behavior, it is simply impossible (unless he goes for a therapy).

Of course, psychologists recommend to consider each case individually and say that in many relationships where abuse becomes a norm, both spouses are to blame. Violence can be avoided if each partner sees his partner as a human being, not his property. Experience shows that in many cases divorce does not solve the problem. Even if woman successfully divorced her abusive husband, her next relationships may again get her exposed to violence and abuse. Therefore, in order not to repeat this over and over, women must free themselves from violent relationships models and victim mentality. To build a model of the healthy relationship, a professional help of experienced psychologist may be needed. Do not hesitate to contact a professional or go into serious self-therapy.

Psychological violence usually consists of two components – isolation and humiliation. Man may be constantly using criticism, insults, contempt and humiliation, and gradually destroy the social environment and contacts of women, starting with the parental family. The woman gets isolated and does not (and can not) look for an outside support, her only close friend is the abuser. Husband humiliates and insults his wife to tie her to the house, to separate her from family and friends or to prohibit her from working. Often, these men do not even realize that this is in fact violence, they have a different attitude towards women, because this is the only model they were seeing since childhood and they think that this is a norm. Domestic violence against women always result in woman’s psychological suffering, stress and depression, and sometimes even more serious consequences – for example, suicidal attempts. To find a way out of vicious circle of domestic violence, woman may need help of experienced professional psychologists.

Physical and psychological violence contribute to psychological harm for women, and deprive them of the free life choices. In contrast, sexual violence is more insidious, because sex is usually a source of pleasure and a close intimate relationship. Sexual abuse is a form of sexual assault against the wish and will of women. It may be extremely traumatic for a woman. Many women develop a fear of men and sustainable aversion to sexual relations. For some it may last a lifetime. Due to the heightened sense of humiliation and low self-esteem, sometimes sexual violence may encourage prostitution.

Before you give up on your life, you need to try to find a way out of a difficult situation.