Famous people with PTSD

Luxury life – fame, recognition, wealth… This is the public image of popular celebrities, – in the eyes of their fans they are seen riding luxury cars, walking the red carpet shining and sparkling with the snow-white smile.

But some of the world famous people were not so happy and rich in their past. Stories of childhood and adolescence of the celebrities mentioned below prove, that, despite the obstacles, psychological trauma and tragedy, anyone can change their life! So, here are some famous people with PTSD:

Famous people with PTSD: Shania Twain

Shania Twain is a famous Canadian singer, who suffered a lot. She was born in the Canadian city of Windsor, but soon she and her mother moved to Timmins, – a small town in the province of Ontario. The family, which brought up four children still lived below the poverty line.

For this reason, the girl in the age of eight began to build a music career – she was singing in bars before the drunk audience to earn a crust.

When Shania’s parents died in a car crash, she was only 22 years old. The talented young girl, who dreamed of a world-wide recognition, had to give up her brilliant career and devote herself to raising four children. Singing in a Deerhurst Resort show in Huntsville, she barely had enough money to support her family.

Charlize Theron - Famous people with PTSDFamous people with PTSD: Charlize Theron

Now she is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. However, as a child Charlize went through a tragic experience… Her father suffered with alcohol addiction and frequently raised his hand to her and her mother – getting drunk, he used to bring his rifle home and threatened to his wife and daughter with a bodily harm. Charlize has been hiding the shocking facts of her past for years, explaining in an interview that her father died in a car crash.

In fact, Charlize was trying to forget not only the drunken scenes and low tricks of her abusive father, but especially that night, when a big family scandal happened, during which her mother, trying to protect herself and her daughter, shot and killed Charlize’s father right in front of her eyes.

Demi Moore - famous people with PTSDFamous people with PTSD: Demi Moore

Hollywood beauty Demi Moore grew up in a dysfunctional family. The actress usually avoids questions about her childhood and is extremely reluctant to talk about her origins, trying to forget all the pain that caused her alcoholic parents.

A father of the actress left her mother before the Demi’s birth. Having met a new partner, the mother of the future Hollywood star didn’t cease to drink, but only exacerbated her dependence because of Demi’s stepfather, who suffered from the long-term alcohol abuse. The family moved from town to town about 17 times, hiding from debts and lack of money. In 1980, Demi’s stepfather committed suicide, and she had to leave school at 16 to pay off the debts of her mother.

Keanu Reeves - famous people with ptsdFamous people with PTSD: Keanu Reeves

In the private life of the famous actor Keanu Reeves things ended more than tragically… In 1998, the actor started an affair with Jennifer Syme, an assistant of David Lynch. A year later, she learned she was pregnant. Happy future dad Keanu, having learned he would have a daughter soon, gave her a beautiful name, – Ava. But a week before birth the girl died in the womb – a cause of the sudden death was the umbilical vein thrombosis.

After Keanu and his wife have buried their daughter, Jennifer fell into terrible depression for a long time, diluted with alcohol and drugs. A year after the tragic death of Ava, her mother died in a car crash – a Jeep of 29-year-old Jennifer smashed into three parked cars on the street of Los Angeles. Keanu buried his wife at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, next to the grave of their stillborn daughter…


I often see with amazement that people cherish their PTSD like it is a real gold. PTSD gives them a sense of drama, of being a person of very unusual life, it may even give them inspiration for their art activities. I once had a client (back in days when I was rendering help) who was a very famous musician, and he really had a difficult and dramatic life and all this PTSD stuff gave him inspiration for writing really dramatic songs. Do you know what he asked when he realized we can just eliminate all this PTSD? “Hey, if I don’t like to be PTSD-free, can I get my PTSD back?” Go figure!

So, when people tell me about their unbelievably painful life experience now, I fail to really engage. Not that I don’t feel for them or something, I do! But the thing is, most people do NOT want to say good-bye to their pain. Because if they do – they can do it relatively easily. This is a link to the book about it. So, now I just point them to the right direction – here is the tool, if you want – use it and become free. But it does not amaze me any longer that most people do not want to. So, the question here is – what do YOU want? Are YOU ready for freedom?

Images by DWNews, David Shankbone, Anna Hanks