Finding Stress Relief On The Buffet Table

Are you always starting too many things in order to get stress relief and then discover that you are all stressed out because you have accomplished nothing?

As a Hypnotherapist, NlP trainer and Energy worker many of my clients who would like to experience stress relief are having difficulty coping with stress. This is because they are attempting to do too many things at the same time.

The buffet table gives you many choices but can you handle the freedom of choice?

Mary (name has been changed), one of my clients made the incredible discovery about how to get stress Relief from the buffet table.

Let me explain. Mary used to go to the buffet table and stress herself out by piling everything up onto her plate. She would then return to her table and quickly devour her meal. After attacking her meal like a force to be reckoned with, she felt shockingly restless.

She discovered that this was like multi-tasking (attempting to do too many things at once.)

Mary experienced amazing stress relief when she began taking small portions from the buffet table just like a bowl of soup. Enjoying the bowl of soup and then going back for another specific item like a salad.

This process of taking a little bit, although she could have a full plate, gave Mary the awesome experience of choice, relaxation and stress relief.

So what is the moral of the story?

In life you can fill your plate with the dangerous excesses of life (too much food), or you can take on one task at a time (like a breath of fresh air) and complete it before starting another task. This simple process can become a powerful healthy habit (if practiced regularly).

Your habit of taking a little bit at a time can result in you being more efficient and productive because you will be living life and experiencing stress relief.

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Author: Cecil McIntosh