Finding Vibratory Stress Relief in Your Home

There are many ways to find stress relief, whether at home or away, though some are harder to get than others. For instance, massage is a great stress reliever, but it can be difficult to work in time to get to a massage therapist, or you may not be comfortable with receiving a massage from a stranger. In cases like that, then consider home massage products that can provide stress relief through vibratory or percussive stimulation.

Most home massagers work to relax muscles and help encourage the production of endorphins, the same chemicals that give natural highs from exercise or even eating spicy food. Your options for these devices vary depending on how much you want to spend and just how complete a massage you want. Here are some good products to try for percussive or vibratory stress relief:

Massage Chairs

Massage chairs provide a wide range of simulated massage techniques, bringing percussive, kneading, or vibratory stress relief that you can adjust with the touch of a button. These work great in the home since all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the massage. Prices for massage chairs vary widely based on the bells and whistles that go with it.

To give you an idea of the ranges of prices for massage chairs, the Premier Health PHP 2026 model has a wide range of features that provide rolling massagers, tapping massages, vibratory stress relief, heat relaxation, and so on, but retails for about $3,000. Other, simpler chairs that simply provide vibratory stress relief can retail for under $500.

Foot Massagers

While a massage chair can provide vibratory stress relief for the whole body, sometimes all you really need or want to do is to target a particular area. Common massagers in this vein include foot massagers, which provide a variety of different techniques. These range from simple massagers that vibrate when you rest your feet on them to foot spas that provide vibratory stress relief as well as relaxation from jets of water.

An example of a high-end foot massager is Brookstone’s Osim iSqueez Calf and Foot Massager, which will cover your lower legs, applying both adjustable vibration and kneading, providing plenty of squeezing and vibratory stress relief. This particular model is one of the most expensive out there, at about $400. Expect lower-end foot massagers to cost closer to $100. Whether you go for the expense of a full massage chair or decide to save money and just get a foot massager, there are home massage products that can provide vibratory stress relief for when you’re done with work.