How to fight fear and win

how to fight fear and win

I must say that everybody is afraid of something. I mean that every person you know, meet or see on the street, is full of fears and phobias. All those machos that seem to be fearless are just pretending. And the number of different fears each person is carrying within, is amazingly huge. People are not even aware of most of them, and only see them when they strike. Until Day X, your fears are quietly sitting in your subconscious mind and slowly poisoning your life.

It may seem that your fears are cruel monsters that hide in the dark, and will torment you forever. You might have even tried various techniques that were supposed to give you an ability to “control” your fears, just to realize that they don’t do much good. You can try to control your fears, but they will find a new way out. Just like a river, if you try to “control” (i.e. block) it, water will find a way around or through. The only reliable way to get rid of fears is to, just get rid of them! That means, to actually eliminate them, erase them from your subconscious mind. Once you do this, your fears will not re-emerge.

How to fight fear and win? There is good news and bad news. The good news is that it can be done and that you can do it all by yourself, without any help at all, from the comfort of your chair. Even better news is that you don’t need to spend any money on that. What about bad news? Well, there is some. First of all, you will need to work. There is no free lunch, and it will take time, effort and determination to get rid of fear. More bad news is that you won’t have any help. This is your private battle against fear and there is no one to help you.

But then again, there is more good news. Actually, fears and phobias are some of the easiest varieties of mental junk to eliminate. They seem horrible and huge, but once you deal with them, they fall apart and you see that they are fake monsters. They are nothing but shadows on the wall. They are not real. They do not exist. They are illusions. And if you seriously work with your fears, within several short months most of your fears will just fall apart and you will become really fearless. I remember the day when my fears died – it was like a mountain fell off my shoulders and I realized that I am not afraid any more. There was one last fear to deal with, a fear of death, that seemed to penetrate my whole life and be the most ugly and potent of the fear monsters. But when I finally decided to deal with it, it fell apart and turned into ashes just like any other fear, and I saw that it was a fake monster, just like the rest of them.

So, I got free of my fears. Of course, it does not mean I became “headless” and started to act recklessly. On the contrary, I became much more cautious. I drive much more carefully now and I just don’t do stupid things. Nothing happened to my body’s built-in survival and defense mechanisms. I just got rid of subjective fears. These range from fear of needles (I could fall unconscious when doctors took blood samples, which is by the way common among men), fear of pain, fear of dentists, and other various stupid fears like fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of talking to strangers etc. As a result of this information, I am not afraid to live and do whatever I want to do. I have become unstoppable and if I want to do something and set my intention on achieving that goal, I won’t back off just because I may be afraid that it won’t work out, or that people may laugh at me if I fail. And you know what? Life is so-o-o-o much better without fear! As an added bonus (after I had eliminated all my traumas) I no longer have nightmares.

And like I said, fears are the easiest enemies to defeat. It literally takes several months of serious work. Now I understand why Carlos Castaneda wrote that fear is a first enemy of a Man of knowledge. There are much more potent enemies that you will encounter on your way to freedom, but fear is actually a toy monster. I know it is hard to believe, but you will see it by yourself if you dare to challenge your fear. And soon, just like me, you will be laughing at fear. Any fear.

So, how to fight fear and win?

Now, the million dollar question is: exactly how to fight fear and win? What should you do? Well, there is a book called “Turbo-Suslik. How to stop fucking your mind and start living” that was released in the Russian language back in 2008. It has recently been translated into English and is available free of charge from the download link below. It contains a complete, precise strategy and all the tools you will need to get rid of your negative programming. It may take you anywhere from 6 to 12 months (sometimes more, for severe cases) to purge your fears. However, there is a catch. You must take a full responsibility for your life. If you prefer to reject your personal responsibility — sorry, you are wasting your time reading this, so you should close the page. If you are ready to change yourself (and as a result, your whole life) and you are not afraid of some hard work, then follow this link to read more about the book and download it — and yes, it is free of charge.