How to get rid of panic attacks?

Doctors say that panic attack is the peak moment of symptoms typical of the vegetative-vascular dystonia. Psychiatrists also believe that panic fear  is one of the symptoms of neurosis, i. e. when everything irritates you.

If a panic attacks happens, you usually:

  • can’t move your arms or legs;
  • feel suffocation, weakness, dizziness;
  • sweat profusely;
  • begin to tremble;
  • barely restrain vomit;
  • hear your heartbeat;
  • can’t concentrate and suffer from intrusive

Doctors offer three methods of treatment for the panic fear, – with the help of:

  • medications;
  • physiotherapy;
  • psychological exercises.

Certainly, the easiest way is to drink a couple of magic pills. Giving advice to the patient of how to get rid of panic attacks, doctors prescribe: tranquilizers, adrenergic blocking agents and sedatives. They act almost immediately, and allow you to quickly get rid of the panic attack.

Disadvantages of medication therapy:

  • long-term use of medications is addictive;
  • pills can only block the symptoms of panic attack, but don’t treat its very cause.

If you do decide to use drugs, don’t take them without prescription, be sure to see a specialist for the consultation and treatment order.

Physiotherapy – is more sparing method of treatment for the human body. For the quickest possible and effective relief of panic attacks doctors recommend to buy a health resort voucher to protect yourself from the stress, stop fussing about every little thing and engage in treatment. Again, it is best to consult a doctor beforehand.

And the third method is preferred by those, who don’t want to become a hostage to medicines and hide in a health resort from reality. A few tips to help you cope with panic attacks on your own:

  1. Fear is not your reality, it’s an illusion.

We are the only creators of our own nightmares. We are afraid and fantasize too much, and don’t know how to control our thoughts. Remember how you watched any scary movie, and then imagined what would you do in the place of the protagonist. In this way you are feeding your fear, making it real! Leave it where it belongs, – in the world of illusions.

  1. Visualize your nightmare so that you could easily overcome it.

You can imagine it as a bubble, which bursts if your touch it or come up with something of your own.

  1. Work with your breath.

Learn how to control it so that panic attacks could not embarrass your free breathing.

Do breathing exercises every day (you can use the breathing exercises for pregnancy). As soon as you feel the first signs of panic attack, just focus on your breathing.

  1. Find yourself a safe place.

It does not matter whether it’s real or imagined. Think it out to the last detail and learn how to transfer there immediately. As soon as you feel that the panic attack is coming, move yourself to the place where nothing threatens you.

  1. Get enough exercises.

During a panic attack a large amount of adrenaline is released. Some experts believe that this happens when there is an excess of this hormone in our organism. Engage in active sports at least 3 times a week!

The number of patients, seeking treatment for panic attacks increases every year. This only demonstrates the seriousness of the problem.

Fortunately, if you have never been subjected to panic attacks, it does not mean that they won’t happen in the future so it is better to be prepared!

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