How to get rid of stress (and stay streff-free).

Stress is the body’s response to stressful situation. During the stress,  the excess energy is released. In a dangerous situation your muscles tense up and the heartbeat quickens. The body have to throw out the accumulated “charge”. To avoid the destructive effect of this energy, you need to pull yourself together and guide it in right direction.

How to get rid of stress? Here are 10 ways to properly “discharge”

  1. Let’s start with the simple one. Make yourself a cup of tea. There are so many different types of tea that anyone can choose a drink to one’s liking. Tea can both key up and ease one’s nerves. Green tea relieves a stress, mate is energizing, and ginger tea is sometimes called a “love potion”.
  2. Eat bananas. They contain special substances, which contribute to production of serotonin – the “happy hormone”, it enhances mood and causes the feeling of well-being and tranquility. Some women resort to emotional eating. Do not ever do this! Can you imagine what will happen to your body shape in a month!?
  3. Try to do sports. Sign up for a gym or learn how to play volleyball, for example. Over time, apart from positive changes in your body, you will see that your mood became more balanced. Though, if the sport lifestyle is not for you, get yourself busy with the household chores in the moments of increased tension, – washing, cleaning, garden work, etc.
  4. You’ll possibly agree with the statement: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. After work, visit a restaurant with your loved one or have a candlelight dinner at home. Sitting at the beautifully set table, having a pleasant conversation, eating delicious food and drinking wine will help you to cheer up and forget about petty troubles.
  5. If you get angry waiting in line in a supermarket or bank or in a traffic jam – try to take your mind off. After all, your nerves will not speed up the work of cashier, and meanwhile you may think of what to cook for dinner. If the nervous tension made you feel tight, try to squeeze the soft rubber ball – it will relax your muscles.
  6. A lot of hugs and kisses will guarantee you tranquility and confidence. A sweet and passionate kiss causes a feeling of joy and satisfaction. Another way to get rid of stress is sex. In addition to already known “happy hormones”, sex will help you to stay fit.
  7. Do something nicefor yourself, for example, buy your favorite flowers and it will surely boost your mood. Another way of stress relieve is aromatherapy. Create a little paradise around you: a few drops of lavender, chamomile or valerian will provide a soothing effect. Anise, orange and basil will balance your mood and eliminate depression, sadness and anxiety.Light verbena scent eliminates headaches and nausea. You also can add a few drops of aromatic oil to the water and enjoy the miraculous power of nature!
  8. Stress can appear in result of mental and physical exhaustion. Try to get some rest and relax: close your eyes and imagine yourself in the woods or on the beach. Think about something nice.
  9. Are you suffer from headaches during a stress? Do a head massage: massage skin while washing your hair. Run your fingers through your locks and slowly pull the hair up.
  10. Yoga also relaxes very well and harmonize your body and mind. People, who are fond of yoga are always calm and balanced. Yoga exercises will help you to improve your stress resistance, tolerance and concentration.

In general, where there is a will, there is hundreds of ways to get rid of stress. Each person is unique, and what is good to one person may be bad for another. You know yourself better than anyone else! Stay positive and you will find your way to harmony with yourself and others.