How to relieve anxiety (and become stress-free)

Feeling anxious to some extent can be even useful. It can help to treat your problem more seriously and take measures to solve it, if a threat is real, or make sure that there is no need to worry if the problem is imaginary. But, unfortunately, sometimes people can’t get rid of the anxiety to find the former confidence. In this case, the following hints will tell you how to relieve anxiety.

How to relieve anxiety

  1. Make a plan

One of the main reasons for anxiety is emerging unexpected circumstances. Over time something can happen in our life, that we can not keep under control, for example, a new job. This kind of events always has been a source of additional stress and constant worry for all. The only way to deal with this situation – is to develop a detailed plan with all possible scenarios.

  1. Rehearse

Another major concern may be the future public speaking or possible exploratory session. In a high school or college, at work or in a social life, we often have to speak in public, and sometimes even talk to friends or relatives about something unpleasant or discuss sensitive problems. The best way to relieve anxiety in this case – is to rehearse what exactly you want to say. Pick the desired expressions and repeat all the things you are going to say, as many times as you need to feel confident.

  1. Pay attention to your physical health

When your body is in a good shape, you have more mental and emotional resources to deal with a stress, more strength and capacity to solve the problems arising and control your anxiety. To get the optimal physical health you need to follow a healthy diet, sleep more and lead a physically active lifestyle. All this will improve your mood and help you to relieve anxiety.

  1. Find out the real cause of your anxiety

Sometimes people worry about some things just to escape from the other problems which are in fact the main source of concern. The ability to find out the true cause for the anxiety can help to regain control over the situation and take measures to eliminate the source of troubles and heartache.

  1. Assess the situation properly

The main feature of the generalized anxiety disorder is the exaggeration of problems and concerns over trifles, assigning them more importance than it really is. Take a step back to see the situation more clearly, without exaggeration, – it also can help relieve anxiety.

  1. Analyze your anxiety

Concerns and fears tend to accumulate in our minds, so in the end we lose the ability to see the real state of affairs behind the array of problems. Set aside some time to analyze the situation and make a list of everything of what you are worried about – it’s a great way to cope with the difficulties that will allow you to consider how to solve your problems step by step, reducing their number gradually – it is faster and easier than trying to solve everything at once.

Try to settle a day for consideration of your life plans and check your “course” towards a healthy and peaceful life. On this day, try to think over what else can be done to relieve anxiety (healthy diet, more physical activity, etc.) and lead a more balanced life.