How to stop stress?

Anxiety, palpitations, loss of appetite, hand tremors, high blood pressure are typical symptoms of stress, although everyone experiences this condition differently.

The concept of stress has become an ordinary thing in a modern life and it is familiar not only to adults but also to children. We are exposed to stress at work or at home, in extreme situations, being in retirement, or even when we fall in love… Children are afraid of spanking, going to the first grade, or taking exams and experience stress as well. It seems no one can avoid this penalty. Modern people live under constant stress.

How to stop stress?

First, you need to objectively size up the situation. What is the source of your suffering and what you can do to eliminate it. It may be difficult to make it on your own, so the support of your friends and family can be very helpful. Discuss your problems and talk as much as you need. There is always the way out. But you shouldn’t be limited to talking only. The next step – is a distraction.

Start with an exercise. This method does not require a lot of expenses and brings more fun, because apart from getting rid of stress you also get in shape. Exercises induce chemical reactions in your body, which are aimed at improving your well-being. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Now it is time to go swimming. Water itself has a calming effect, especially if you go to the lake and take a boat ride. Swimming also helps to relax your muscles and tune your mind toward positive thoughts.

Hydromassage or just an ordinary massage is also effective, in particular, facial, head and neck acupressure would be very helpful.

Start a relaxation practice. Turn on the music, close your eyes and imagine that you are lying on the warm sands of the Mediterranean coast or something else that makes you calm.

Change your living environment. Often even an ordinary business trip or unplanned countryside weekend provides you with new experiences and soon you will forget about your problems.

Also there are alternative methods to stop stress, such as art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, bibliotherapy, hippotherapy, phytotherapy. These methods consist in release of negative emotions and changing them into positive in return. This works well in psychotherapy.

If stress appears suddenly, in most cases, one can overcome it easily, using the tips below:

  • Write down on a piece of paper the whole situation that is bothering you. This will reduce your tension and clear your mind.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply. This is one of the most effective methods, despite its simplicity. Slow breathing automatically reduces the levels of anxiety and stress hormones.
  • Turn on calm and pleasant music – this is one of the best anti-stress remedies.
  • Accept your anxiety. Say to yourself: “Yes, I have a lot of stress now and I’m worried, but also I’m concentrated and I’ll do everything the best as I can.”
  • Imagine something good. Try to draw a pleasant picture in your mind, which is not related to the current stress. Make this picture as bright as possible.

Use any of these tips – and after 10-15 minutes you will feel calmer and more confident, having a sensible view of things.

Time will tell which of the above options will suit you personally, or whether you will find your own way to deal with stress. Remember, nothing in this life happens without a reason. The victory over stress will strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem, restoring your inner harmony. You will gain invaluable experience, cope with difficulties and be proud of yourself.