Is a Vibratory Stress Relief Machine for You?

The latest fad in getting healthier and happier is using a vibratory stress relief machine. They cost anywhere from $300 to $17,000, so you probably will have to join a spa or a health club that already has one in order to use it. Depending on the individual rules of the spa or club, you can use the vibratory stress relief machine alone or in combination with other machines or therapies. You only need about fifteen minutes a day on the machine in order to get some of the benefits.

Why This Machine Is So Hot

Madonna has one. Claudia Schiffer has one. The entire German football (soccer) team use one in their workouts. These are beautiful, fit, sexy people. Since they own and use a vibratory stress machine, it can look as if it is the machine that keeps them young and beautiful. Actually, these celebrities and athletes incorporate the vibrational stress relief machine into their exercise and diet routines. Yes, they have to do something else rather than stand on the machine for fifteen minutes a day in order to look so good.

Shaken Not Stirred

The vibratory stress relief machine looks like an exercise treadmill. You stand on the pad and grip the handles. There are a variety of speeds to choose from. Most of the cheaper machines can only support people who weigh less than 250 pounds, while the more expensive ones can shake an elephant, if an elephant would consent to stand on the pad!

You then wobble about, staying as still as you can, until the time is up. It is said the vibrational stress relief machine feels the same as working with a pneumatic drill. Users often find them selves laughing during and after use. The theory is the vibrations still force your muscles to work and the blood to pump, but you don’t have to jump around and sweat so much to look better and feel better.

Is the Truth Out There?

The vibratory stress relief machine is still a relatively new device and so not many studies have been done on it. So far, no benefits or side effects have been proven. Many doctors, scientists and personal trainers are still very skeptical of their physical and emotional benefits for the average person. But for the elderly, morbidly obese or those in too much physical pain to exercise, this machine is better than lying around doing nothing. So, if you decide to use a vibratory stress relief machine to look better and feel better, know that it is only a part of an entire lifestyle of wellness you have to pursue.