Natural remedies for anxiety

Today, there are several reasons that contribute to the development of the anxiety attacks. It can be any stressful situation, strong emotional distress, loud annoying noise or bright light. Being in a large group of people, undergoing hormonal therapy, pregnancy, smoking, alcohol abuse, overwork, increased physical activity, abortion, and many other factors can also provoke anxiety attacks.

Symptoms of the disease appear quite suddenly and develop very rapidly, within a few minutes. The main symptom of the anxiety attack is the overwhelming sense of fear, which lasts for about thirty minutes. Patients may experience palpitations, their pulse quickens, and there may be difficulty in breathing. Anxiety attacks are often accompanied with dizziness, tremors of the whole body, feeling as if the ground is “sinking” under the legs. The patients, shrouded in the fear of death, avoid doing anything that can (in their opinion) lead to madness. People, who have experienced the anxiety, may become irritable and aggressive. They complain of the hot flashes or vice verse, may be shivering with cold.

In different cases, the panic attacks can be manifested in different ways, for example, as the independent disease or as the symptom of depression, schizophrenia or other psychiatric or neurological diseases. That’s why any treatment of anxiety should start with the identification of the true disease, and then all methods of treatment have to be aimed at its elimination.

You can try using natural remedies for anxiety, such as breathing exercises, which helps to relax and come to a state of relative peace of mind. In order to eliminate the manifestations of anxiety you need to breathe deeply and slowly, and it’s necessary to double the time of exhalation, in comparison with the time for inhale. Patients with panic attacks must learn how to breathe deeply. One can also use the method of breathing bag. For the correct usage of this method, inhale and exhale in the bag (the best will be a paper bag), and do it in this way: take a long breath, then hold your breath for ten seconds and slowly, gradually exhale the air again in the bag. Continue to breathe in the bag for five – seven minutes.

Natural remedies for anxiety attacks can also be using various infusions and herbal teas with a soothing effect.

You can use the lemon balm herb among other natural remedies for anxiety. To do this, take ten grams of dried leaves, brew them with the half a liter of boiling water and infuse for two hours. Then filter the infusion and take it three times a day for 2/3 cup. You can drink this infusion as a tea, adding a teaspoon of honey.

Among other natural remedies for anxiety, you can also use peppermint. For the preparation of this natural remedy you need to brew two tablespoons of mint with one cup of boiling water and infuse for two and a half hours. Take one glass three times a day. You can also drink this infusion as a tea with the teaspoon of honey.

For the treatment of anxiety you may use limes as well. Sometimes anxiety attacks are accompanied with the sleep disturbances. Just make some lime tea and take it three times a day with one teaspoon of honey.

Image by Smoobs (CC BY 2.0)