Panic attack stories. Learn from experience of others!

Despite the fact that a sufficiently large number of people suffer from panic attacks, the information on this disease is inaccessible for the wide range of readers and one can find it mainly in popular science editions.

This condition may occur during puberty and menopause. But the panic attack is not a disease. It may be a symptom of other medical condition, such as pancreatitis, gastritis, osteochondrosis, and, certainly, heart diseases.

Anything can cause a panic attack. Its manifestations can be very diverse and affect different areas. Therefore, people often do not know where to go and what doctor to see. An attending physician does not always know to which specialist he should refer the patient, while often it is recommended to see a neurologist.

Panic attack stories


“I have been struggling with panic attacks for 5 years with the alternate success and I think that the main achievement is that up to now my condition is at least no longer deteriorating. I don’t leave the town, going outside I stay in the yard and don’t use public transport. If I have to do something from the list above, – everything happens under the classic scenario of the panic disorder. Yet it seems to me that most of the discomfort in the chest and heart can go from the spine. And now I try to help myself with sports.”


“My name is Anna, I’m 27 years old, married, and have a three-year-old daughter. I live in Houston. Panic attacks began after the birth of my daughter, when I had an eclampsia. This scared me to death. Or rather the fact that the doctor said that it was a stroke. Since then, I start to expect another stroke and listen carefully to my body. Two years later, the doctor stated that there was no stroke, only eclampsia. I felt like I was born again, but fear wouldn’t disappear. I went to see a psychologist; he taught me all these tricks and techniques. Then I decided that it’s up to me and I can control it.”


“I’m 27 years old. I am a CEO of the company. It happened on a Sunday. Everything was quiet. All went to bed. I went to smoke a cigarette (I smoke rarely, once a week). Suddenly I felt my heart pounding fast. I went to lay down and then it started. We called an ambulance; I thought it was a stroke. I was taken to the hospital for a month. They gave me xanax, diazepam propranolol and something else. Also there was physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy … I couldn’t sleep without xanax. It has been a month since I was discharged. It turned out that computer games, working in a garden and doing crosswords can be very helpful.”


“My name is Dan, I’m a medical student. This summer I was in France when it happened for the first time. It was violent heat on that day and in addition I had a food poisoning. I remember that suddenly I felt terribly scared and screamed. I felt that I’m going crazy. A week later, the same thing happened. And then I became scared of literally everything. And this depersonalization!!! It drove me crazy. I tried some pills and I guess they began to help. And then I realized that, actually, there was nothing to be afraid of, the main thing is to believe that everything will be all right and also in love. It really saves! The attacks don’t bother me now, though sometimes I get anxious, but I’m trying to deal with it.”

Recent studies have shown that the best treatment for the panic attacks is drug therapy that increases the brain serotonin levels. This substance is responsible for the reward center and usually is insufficient during the vegetative crises.

Another treatment for the panic attacks is phototherapy or light therapy. The light is absorbed through the retina to certain brain structures, which start to produce serotonin independently.

If the ultimate cause of the disease is stress, psychotherapy can be very helpful. It includes hypnosis, relaxation and breathing exercises, family therapy and the strengthening exercises (massage and swimming). Due to comprehensive treatment one can easily get rid of the panic attacks.