Preventing panic attacks. Yes you can!

It is well known that any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Panic attacks are no exception. It is difficult for someone who has never faced with attacks of this kind to imagine the magnitude of symptoms and effects of the panic attacks on one’s life and health. Those who are familiar with these disorders – the patients themselves or their relatives and loved ones – often try to find ways of preventing panic attacks.

Anxiety, fear, pain, chills, dizziness, nausea – this is just a small list of the possible symptoms of a panic attack. Phobias, social isolation, fear of repeated attacks – these are the possible effects of panic disorder.

Preventing panic attacks:

  1. First of all, you should minimize the impact of the factors that provoke the appearance of these disorders. Any qualified professional will tell you that there is no specific universal reason for the emergence of certain mental disorders. Each case is different. However, in most cases prerequisites of the panic attacks are problems with a mental health (depression, neuroses, stress, phobias); various difficult life situations and strong emotional experience; trauma; somatic diseases (heart disease, cancer, etc.); uncontrolled intake of drugs (sedatives, hormones, antidepressants, etc.). However, the long-term experience of the experts proves that the true causes of panic attacks lies in the unconscious, the mental sphere of the individual. As for the ways of preventing panic attacks, the specific advice for a particular patient may be obtained from a specialist only. It is no secret that every person is unique, in the context of a mental state we all have our own “weaknesses”. These are the problems which can be solved only with the help of a professional.
  2. In addition, the psychological health largely depends on the person’s lifestyle. The factors which provoke the emergence of panic attacks often are: alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, etc. Healthy lifestyle is the key to our physical and psychological health.
  3. The development of stress is also an important factor in preventing the panic attacks. The ability to withstand the external negative influences, to perceive the world around us in a positive way, to be tolerant towards yourself and the others is necessary for healthy life.
  4. And, of course, to avoid the disease, you need to comply with all rules for taking care of your health: regular meals, enough sleep, sufficient physical activity, needed rest, walking outdoors, etc.
  5. Having an occupation you enjoy is one of the key for success and well-being. If a person is not satisfied with his work, every day can turn into torture. Doing things that you hate, lack of the friendly relations among the colleagues, unwillingness to evolve and improve as a professional can lead to many psychological disorders, including panic attacks. A work you enjoy, as well as commitment to professional and personal growth not warrants a good mood, but also a great psychological and physiological well-being.
  6. Psychological health depends not only on external, but also on internal factors. For example, it is no secret that most of the impact on the health have not the life situations, but our attitude towards them. In order to prevent the reoccurrence of panic attacks, you need to change internally and learn to develop the skills which can help to adapt to changing conditions, to transform the system of personal relationships, etc.

The result of the serious treatment for the panic attacks is not only a psychological and physiological recovery, but also a formation of the resource base for your psyche, by which you would be able to cope with all the difficulties in life. And that would have a great effect on prevention of panic attacks, or any other personality disorders in the future.