Signs of emotionally abusive relationship

The phenomenon of emotional abuse is not uncommon. Here are 10 signs of emotionally abusive relationship you need to leave immediately:

You always break and spoil everything

Moreover, Shiva possessed you since you’ve met your lover. Nothing strange here, just bare psychology. If someone rolls their eyes yelling: “Again? You are such a ditz sometimes! ” every time you do the wrong move, very quickly you will get used to the idea that you are clumsy and begin to focus on your failures. Please note that your significant other does not notice his own failures or shifts the responsibility on you.

You disappoint

Whatever you do – you are not good enough. Your pasta is overcooked, beef is not tenderized well and tea is one degree colder than it should be. You always say dump things and your significant other has to apologize for you. Your job is trivial, anyone could do it, and indeed was it necessary to get two degrees to be a loser?

You provoke

Every time your significant other flails his fists, this is also your fault. Because you provoke him. No matter how. Sitting in the corner, for example. When your lover is driving dangerously, you keep silent to avoid possible rage. Moreover, you believe that you are wrong all the time if this cute man turns into a dangerous psychopath from time to time.

You have no friends left

And if you still keep company with someone, their presence is undesirable, and your meetings are punished with scandals, contempt or silent indifference. That is why you meet secretly and carefully delete the traces from your phone. You think it is normal, but your relatives don’t think so, so you don’t see them.

You have no personal money

Personal finance has only your significant other and your money are shared. All your expenses must be agreed and approved. And they are always excessive, even if you don’t remember the last time you bought some small pleasures.

You need to consult

You’re afraid to make decisions because you get used to the fact that you’re always wrong. It is very strange that previously you could easily solve major problems and now you push the panic button when you have to choose between milk producers while shopping.

Your intellect is low

It does not matter what is your IQ and how prestigious your job is, – it is better to keep your mouth shut in public. You hear it almost every day and accept it.

You are ugly

Even if your face and body are ideal to everyone, your significant other will not hesitate to betray a shameful truth – your birthmark is so disgusting, that it negates all your accomplishments and no one can stand it. No, you should stay against the society and keep it. Let them suffer. But that’s gross!…

You don’t react right

You have problems with a sense of humor and an adequate reaction. All the abusive remarks are tagged with the phrases “it’s a joke” and “you don’t react right.” It is rather odd that the correctness of your reactions and emotions is determined by other person, right?

You are an impossible person

No one except your significant one can bear you. You are clueless, lazy, stupid, wasteful and ugly. Then why your lover is still with you, if anyone in this world is better than you?

Because it’s the opposite.