Stress reduction techniques for modern life

Stress is a common condition in our lives. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate it altogether, and more than that, sometimes stress is indispensable to life. In some dangerous situations, strong emotions allow us to defend ourselves. Usually stress is considered to be a harmful condition, however, scientists believe, that only excessive stress brings undesired effects. Moderate stress increases our ability to adjust to the environment and even contributes to mental development.

Stress condition and constant tension of varying intensity are normal parts of every day of a modern person. But we should not allow negative emotions to overflow, as they lead to depression, constant anxiety and personality disorders. Here are some simple stress reduction techniques that may help you to deal with stress effectively:

  • Loving care of close people and conversation. Such support is very important at the hard times. A frank talk, hug and offer of help can do more than any stress reduction techniques; it increases the resistance to stress, because a person finds a confidence of support and understanding.
  • Contact with animals is one of the best of stress reduction techniques, plus it helps to prevent depression. A simple walk with a dog can ease the nerves and perk up your mood.
  • Physical activity. Sport contributes not only to improved physical shape, but also helps to relax. Good exercise, such as jogging or cycling helps to relieve the muscle tension and improve the sleep.
  • Hobby or work that you enjoy. Work or some kind of healthy hobby (not computer games!) can distract for a while. Unfortunately, after work you’ll have to go back find some way to fight your stress.
  • You may use sedative herbs from time to time. For example, tea with a lemon balm and a teaspoon of honey before the bedtime.
  • Vitamin C. The researchers have confirmed that vitamin C reduces the secretion of stress hormones, thus helping in stress reduction. Two glasses of orange juice a day will be enough to get the daily value of this vitamin.
  • A walk in the garden or park. Green is one of the most peaceful colors. Being under stress we need more communication with nature, that is why many of us want to take a walk or just sit on a park bench after a hard day’s work. Even the handling of plants in the garden improves the ability to resist stress.
  • Household chores. A walk with the kids, ironing, cleaning windows or preparing for dinner and other simple family cares allow to forget about stress.
  • Quiet and nice music. It is well known, that classical music has a positive influence, and Mozart would be the best option.
  • Sometimes it is useful just to scream out loud, and it’s a great way to quickly defuse the tension. Of course, this should be done without disturbing the public silence, it would be best if there was a forest near you.
  • Making a list of problems. Write down a list of annoying problems, and then throw them away or burn, in order to achieve psychological relief from the heavy load.
  • Smile works wonders. A smile can help in stress reduction, and facial expression can affect the emotions. Sometimes it is useful to make an effort and smile, when everything around you seems gloomy and hopeless.
  • Eat fish. Mackerel and trout are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. This component reduces the number of rage attacks and stress by up to 20%.
  • Studies have shown that thinking about the pleasures increases the secretion of the “happy” hormone by 30%, and reduces the level of stress hormone by 40%.

Each of us experience stressful situations, and develops own stress reduction techniques. Use these simple rules to get rid of the stress without medications.