Stress Relief Dolls for Health

Everyone has had a boss that they wish they could kick in the rear or tell them how one really feels. Some people quit a job for no other reason than they hate the person that they work for. There is now no reason to get that mad or quit the job people have.

There are now stress relief dolls that are made to look like what a boss might look like. It’s called the boss stress doll and it costs around $20. When someone squeezes his neck the doll tells people what the doll thinks about them. If the neck is really strangled, the eyes pop out and the cheeks turn red while the arms and legs flail.

There are some other dolls that are used as therapy and role playing. For children, stress relief dolls are a great way to explain things to them and for them to show how they feel and what possible fears they might be feeling. Some of the dolls are made to look like doctors and others are in hospital gowns. There are even small IV tubes and other medical equipment that the children can use to play with to prepare them for a medical procedure. It allows the family to really know what the little ones are going through. It also lets the children know what will happen and that they are loved and cared for.

Different Stress Relief Dolls

There are other dolls that are put together with Velcro so that they can be ripped apart but not destroyed. It’s a great way to reduce stress and there are many different dolls so a person might buy many different stress relief dolls for the different people they want to rip apart! What’s great about this concept is that one can go home and take out all of their frustrations on which ever doll that they want to. Tear its arms and legs off and if still angry, rip the head off also. It makes the person feel better and they haven’t broken any laws in the process.

Stress relief dolls can be an effective tool in helping people deal with anger and the stress that anger develops into. It sounds kind of cheesy but try one sometime and notice that when you’re through, the stress is much less than before. What seemed like a mountain that couldn’t be crossed turns into a hill to walk over. The stress is still present but the person can now adapt and conquer the stress as they go through the day.