Stress symptoms in men.

Studies have shown that it is quite common for men to be unable to recognize stress symptoms. They often do not even admit that they are in a state of stress, or that they suffer from its symptoms, as they do not want to look weak. If a man continues to deny his stress susceptibility, he may drown himself in a state of constant nervousness, which usually leads to various forms of destructive behavior, causing negative mental changes and even physical illness. Stress is not a joke, and it should not be taken lightly.

Most common stress symptoms in men:

1) Addiction.

In attempts to convince themselves and others in the absence of stress, men take very unusual and even dangerous steps, which alter their consciousness and give a temporal feeling of personal power. These men often show undisguised sexual addiction with variety of partners, make problematic and risky actions, developing drug or alcohol dependence.

2) Physical problems.

High levels of stress, which regularly put a pressure on the man’s psyche, weaken the immune system. This makes the human body susceptible to a whole range of diseases and physical disorders.

3) Sleep problems.

Various sleep disorders are among the most common stress symptoms in men. Stress can seriously affect the quality of sleep and this effect is very noticeable. Other negative consequences include irritability, fatigue, low sex drive and many others.

4) A feeling of chronic fatigue.

Being in a state of stress, a man feels tired and weak all the time, so he keeps working without due attention to his job duties. Often it becomes impossible to recuperate quickly. Moreover, these unsuccessful attempts to recover evoke a feeling of personal worthlessness, helplessness and despair.

5) Irritability.

If a man refuses to recognize the presence of stress, he begins to face the stressful situations, which he cannot cope with. All this leads to accumulation of aggression, which is periodically taken out on others. This is another very common stress symptom in men.

6) Problems in relationship.

Men under stress tend to make excessive demands on their relatives and friends, asking too much of them. Without getting what they want, men exhibit severe irritability. In special cases, such behavior can lead to naked aggression, domestic abuse and violent behavior in the family.

7) Constant worry

On the background of extreme symptoms of the constant stress, such as domestic violence, irritability, increase in vicious habits and growing anxiety may not be considered as significant and dangerous symptom of stress condition. Meanwhile, a man, who constantly experiences tension and stress in the present, demonstrates extremely pessimistic view of the future.

8) Sexual dysfunction.

Due to the accumulated effects of stress a man starts to feel the signs of sexual dysfunction more frequently. This fact has extremely negative impact on his man’s ego: he begins to blame himself, tries to avoid situations, which might reveal his condition. All this leads to even more stress, which deteriorates the sexual dysfunction.

9) Midlife crisis.

Many men in their late 30s and early 40s experience the subsequent midlife crisis because of the accumulated stress. To avoid this frustration, some of them resort to fundamental changes: indulge in affairs, dramatically change their career, voluntarily leave their work and change their lives completely. Such changes can lead to even greater frustration and discouragement. A man realizes that time is running out, and he runs short of opportunities to really change his life. Such thoughts can exacerbate stress by themselves.

That is why, apart from many special techniques to control the stress condition, it is very important for men to realize the fact that they are under stress. If the surrounding close people know about it, they will come to help. Only through joint efforts a man can cope both with the stress and its consequences.