Stress symptoms in women – what you should know.

Stress is a mental condition, which occurs in result of a constant nervous tension. In other words, stress is the transformation of constant tension into the over tension. But women, unlike men, are much more affected by stress. In result, they can develop other mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. There are several reasons, which often lead to the stress in women, among them are:  problems at work, problems in relationships, financial problems, loneliness, health problems, death of a loved one.

As you can see, all of the above is typical for any person, but women are more vulnerable to stress in such situations.

Physical stress symptoms in women:

  • Frequent headaches, also known as “migraines”, are often caused by the stress. The frequency and duration of headaches may vary in different people. In addition, a back pain or stomach cramps may appear.
  • Another of stress symptoms in women in women is insomnia. If a woman is suffering from severe stress, she can not sleep at night. It can last for several nights in a row and lead to the severe headaches and irritability.
  • Menstrual disorder, elevated blood pressure, diarrhea, chest tightness, shortness of breath and loss of sexual interest are also stress symptoms in women. Sometimes these symptoms seriously affect consciousness, and, in result, women start to smoke, use alcohol or even drugs. The experience of suicidal thoughts is also possible.
  • Skin diseases, hives, weight gain or sudden loss of weight are also physical stress symptoms in women.

Behavioral stress symptoms in women:

  • Irritability is the most common of stress symptoms in women. The irritability is often followed by other emotional and behavioral symptoms, such as anger, mood swings and reasonless crying.
  • Constant anxiety, difficulty in concentrating and making decisions are also indicators of the stress condition.

All these stress symptoms in women can lead to affectability and low self-esteem. Most of them can present in the background of the feeling of helplessness, which appears in women at the peak of stress.

How to overcome stress and reduce stress symptoms in women

Understanding the causes of stress, its symptoms and signs, allows finding right ways to overcome it. Here are some effective methods, which can help to cope with a stress:

  • Support of the family and friends helps to make positive changes. Instead of loneliness and suffering, it is better to share your problems with the loved ones.
  • It should be remembered, that stressful situations appear in life of every human being and you need a positive attitude to beat them. Often, in a stressful situation, people lose the ability to think clearly. This can not be tolerated. We must face the truth and try to find the solution to the problem as soon as possible.
  • The diet and exercise also play an important role in overcoming of stress. Meditation and yoga are well known techniques for dealing with a stress.
  • In order to overcome stress, you need to take a break from the daily routine, pursue a hobby, go for a weekend away from home. You can even arrange a party with drinks and invite friends. The idea is to escape from the everyday life, for example, going to another city for a couple of nights. Stay at hotel, wander around the neighborhood or simply soak in a hot bath or lie in bed, so that no one and nothing can bother you.

So if you notice any symptom of stress, you need to identify and deal with its cause as soon as possible. Only in this case you can get out of the stress with the minimal losses.