Stress test. How to recognize stress.

When we talk about stress and its effects, we mean what was used to be called “distress” – that is, the stress, which harms the human body. And stress effects are manifested in several stages. The first of them is an acute reaction to stress. It lasts a few days after some situation, which brings a person to the point, where he cannot cope with it.

I cannot sleep

Usually, the first symptom of stress is disturbed sleep, and in many people it happens in different ways. In some cases, it may disrupt the process of falling asleep: a man goes to bed, closes his eyes, but cannot sleep. Intrusive thoughts prevent from sleeping for two or three hours. In other cases, there are no disturbing thoughts, but still a person cannot sleep and do not understand why.

Refusing to sleep

Sometimes a person won’t even get closer to bed. When it’s time to go to bed, a hundred and one things appear unexpectedly. And if not, then they make up some fanciful work. Women, for example, begin ironing, sewing, folding clothes, knowing well, that all this can be done tomorrow. Often people sit in front of TV and watch, for example, a movie that they have watched before and know it very well but still keep on watching to the end. And even if they manage to fall asleep, the process of sleep itself is disrupted: nightmares and frequent awakenings during the night prevent from normal sleep.

Early birds

The third kind of sleep disorder, to which people usually do not pay attention, is an early rise. A person can sleep only three or four hours and wake up with a feeling, as if he had a good night’s sleep. In this case, no one would have dreamt that the reason for these early rises is anxiety or unresolved problems caused by the stress.

Evil bosses

During the day, one can notice the effects of stress as well. First of all, it is performance decrement. People, who have experienced stress, are just physically present at work and formally cope with their duties without engaging what they do. After all, their concentration is severely impaired.

Often, the signs of stress can be seen in difficult bosses. In fact, it is often not his bad leadership skills that hinder him to concentrate on details, but the psycho-emotional overwork. At this moment, he is just physically unable to work.

Strange disorders

A man, who recently has undergone stress, is easy recognized by constant irritation, which is very difficult to hide. In some cases, he shows aggression, in others – he withdraws into himself and focuses on his own psychological and physical state. He notices strange palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches, and other non-specific stress symptoms. In addition, it should be noted, that these are not real disorders, but the so-called pre-existing disease.

Please note

Unfortunately, people usually do not notice these early signs of stress, and what is more – they even do not try to accumulate these symptoms to see the real picture, and refer them to anything but stress. This period lasts for 3-4 days, and then the person starts to realize, that something is wrong. And it would be great, if he had the opportunity to see a doctor to take a professional stress test, and go there immediately. Unfortunately, many people ignore the symptoms of stress or use the folk remedies, while the best way is to visit a doctor.