The Truth About Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks & Phobias

For over a decade I have been helping tens of thousands of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD and OCD sufferers to eliminate their conditions permanently. Yes, I did say permanently, because, contrary to popular belief, they can be eliminated 100%!

So how do I cure mental illnesses like anxiety disorders? Well firstly, they are not mental illnesses, they are behavioural conditions which are stored as memory, habit and instinct in an organ called the Amygdala, seated inside the subconscious brain; and, secondly, I don’t like the term disorder, it implies illness and inappropriate anxiety isn’t an illness, it’s inappropriate anxiety!

Psychologists and doctors are wrong! Anxiety doesn’t require drug treatment, in fact it’s counter-productive; neither does it require counselling or psychological analysis. So what is needed? It’s simple, the Amygdala which is confirmed by the National Institute of mental Health as the cause of anxiety disorders, stores the anxious response as memory, instinctual memory which reacts independently of ‘conscious’ control. You just can’t control it by thinking about it! So, when this organ becomes ‘re-set’ at a higher than normal benchmark level of anxiety due to stress, work pressure, bereavement, or whatever, the subconscious continues to fire anxious signals out from it even though YOU know ‘consciously’ that it is wrong.

By undermining this reaction and replacing that subconscious anxious reaction with a more appropriate reaction, the Amygdala can be ‘re-set’ to a completely appropriate ‘normal’ anxiety level… this eliminates the inappropriate anxiety completely and restores the sufferer back to feeling normal again, free form anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and phobias!

Charles Linden